Tips To Prevent Your Business From Being Burglarized

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Commercial businesses in the City of Claremont and surrounding communities have seen a rise in the number of commercial burglaries. Follow-up conducted by the Claremont Police Department and surrounding agencies has shown a trend of burglaries committed by commercial burglary crews from the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas. Here are some tips to consider making your business less of a target for criminals:

• Lighting – Keep a few lights on inside the business/over the cash register to allow police to see inside when the business is closed.

• Window Advertisements – Keep them to a minimum to allow police to see in during day and night.

• Signs – Outside and inside stating, “Cameras in Use” (if you have them) or “All Suspicious Activity Reported to the Police”, “No Cash Left on Premises” or “No Large Bills Accepted”.

• Alarm Systems – Ensure sensors cover all doors, glass breakage and that they activate immediately with a siren. Most criminals will run if an audible alarm sounds.

• Cash Registers – After close of business, remove all cash, leave drawer till open, keep light illuminated over the register, conceal and empty tip jars at night.

• Safes – Purchase quality safes and ensure that they are bolted securely to the floor. Consider alarming them with motion sensors.

• Cameras – (real or fake) have them visible inside the business and directed at doors, windows, registers and at other assets within the business.

• When the business is open – greet and look at everyone coming in to shop. Drop money regularly so that large amounts of cash don’t accumulate in the register. If your business has expensive items that aren’t for sale (display items), take pictures or engrave them with your business name or driver’s license number. Familiarize employees with your security system and procedures.

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Source: Claremont Police Department