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Claremont Businesses Invited to Sign Up for Free Food Waste Recycling Program

Claremont businesses now have the opportunity to sign up for a FREE food waste recycling program.  Recycling food waste is convenient, good for the environment, and has the potential to reduce your trash bill.  The California Legislature passed Assembly Bill 1826 in September 2014. This law requires all businesses that generate a certain amount of organic waste to begin recycling this waste. Organic waste includes food scraps, vegetable trimmings, plate scrapings, and spoiled food.
To help Claremont businesses comply with this law, the City of Claremont recently developed a convenient Commercial Food Waste Recycling Program. The program was developed based upon business and community feedback. Under the new program, the City will provide 64-gallon food waste recycling containers to collect separated food waste. Food waste must be “clean” and free of trash, glass, metals, and plastics. Food waste containers will be serviced weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The program is open to all Claremont businesses but is particularly beneficial to restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores that produce large volumes of food waste.
Additional information regarding what should be placed in the food waste recycling container will be made available to participating businesses when they sign up for the program. Please contact the Sanitation Division at (909) 399-5431 to arrange for a collection container.

- City of Claremont