The Perfect Gift For Dad's And Grads!

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The Claremont Gift Card program is a FREE program available for ACTIVE Chamber members. This program has been successful since 2002 and currently has over 120 Chamber members utilizing this as one of the many benefits to their membership. The intention of this program is to encourage more business for our Chamber members and to keep the money in Claremont.

Throughout the year, many residents and visitors come to the city to purchase the Claremont Chamber cards, for family, friends, coaches, teachers, etc. Each card distributed from our office includes a list of merchants participating in this wonderful program, giving each recipient a huge array of choices as to where they can spend their gift. All participating members are given a window cling to show they accept the gift cards. Claremont Gift Cards are sold exclusively at the Chamber Office in denominations of $10 and $25.

When a customer uses the gift card, the merchant must treat it as cash and must give cash as change, if necessary. Then the merchants bring the card(s) into the Chamber office, where we will write a check for the full amount. To participate in this program contact (909) 624-1681 or contact@